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We are delighted to invite you the SIETAR Europa Congress 2015, which will be held in Valencia, Spain, 21-23 May 2015. The congress theme is:


Refreshing the Cultural Paradigm: Sharing Stories, Theories and Next Practices.


This congress welcomes all those whose life and work puts them at the interface of cultures, from the perspectives of economy, society, and education with the aim of reshaping intercultural discourse, questioning our current cultural paradigms and exploring new thinking to help us navigate complexity in our emerging global world. Thus our congress title mirrors this need.


With an aim to re-examine our cultural dimensions, understandings and paradigms, we invite submissions that question, critique, explore and refresh our cultural paradigms and theories, share new methods and best practices. We invite those engaged in business, training and research (including independent consultants, education, organisations) shaping European public sphere (NGO’s, governmental organisations and institutions) as well as media and arts to participate and share contributions from all disciplines and fields that deal with intercultural issues.


The location, Valencia, Spain, has been chosen as a strong, visible example of the mixing of the cultural heritage and modern technology. Its exposure to the Mediterranean shores and its historical mixture represents the potential of cultural synergies.


This is an exciting opportunity for researchers, practitioners and individuals at the interface of cultures in media, the arts, government and NGO’s, particularly in the European context, to exchange ideas shaping our intercultural world.


Click on one of the links below to jump to the corresponding contents:

- Topics

- Presentation formats

- Instructions for submission

- Language


Using one of the forms of presentation indicated below, you are invited to submit your presentation of research results, insights and theories, stories and best practices for one of the following tracks:

SIETAR Europa Conference covers the cutting-edge of cross-cultural management and communication. All presentation proposals from this field of knowledge are welcome, although preference will be given to contributions connected to the Congress theme and which address the topics below:

A. Exploring multicultural identities

From icebergs to identities in flux

  • Cultural discourse and identity
  • Perception of identities in global and local contexts
  • Multicultural identities (third culture kids, expats and migrants) and unifying streams of culture
  • Cultural impacts of stories in product branding
  • Positive and negative connotations in national identity creation
  • Storytelling as a training tool and research method
  • New concepts in cultural theories
  • Culture and training methodologies
  • Interpretations of sayings, proverbs and stories

B. Challenges and Initiatives in Europe and beyond

From the Old to a New Europe

  • How Europe is seen from outside the European Union
  • Corporate communication across and within EMA (Europe-The Mediterranean-Africa)
  • The roles of minorities and majorities in different cultures
  • Best practices for integration policies
  • Best practices in the challenges affecting Europe and its neighbors
  • How and what we can learn from each other
  • Dealing with emerging cultural complexity, global power shift and competition among European businesses and emerging economies
  • Training tools and best practices in dealing with transcultural communication within EMA

C. Digital culture tones

From Phones to Clones

  • How technology shapes culture and culture shapes technology
  • How identities and behaviors are shaped by today’s media
  • Ethical and social challenges and threats in our new environment
  • How we create and transmit culture
  • Fresh theories and tools in our digital environment to further cultural competence

D. Intercultural perspectives in global business

From international to multicultural organisations

  • Expatriate Management & Diversity Management
  • Intercultural Management, Communication & Training
  • Business in Emerging Markets & Transitional Countries
  • Sustainable Business Management: Effective Management, Ethical Leadership & CSR
  • International Negotiations
  • Global Branding
  • Intercultural Leadership
  • Challenges of virtual teams: Global multicultural teams (GMT)
  • Executive Intercultural Coaching
  • Organisational Culture and multinational organisations

E. Film Festival


  • Please click here - for the FILM FESTIVAL & the CALL for FILMS
  1. Standard presentation (30 minutes)
    The presenter(s) will give input (20 minutes) and then lead participants in discussing (10 minutes) the proposed topic. While this format permits considerable audience participation, the presenter(s) should propose and follow an outline to permit a thorough examination of all aspects as permitted in the time allowed.

  2. Workshops (90 minutes)
    A workshop features a combination of brief presentation/lecture and interaction with the audience. It should have a well-defined structure; handouts and visual aids are recommended. Within this format the focus is on a simulation or set of exercises and activities aimed at teaching participants how these methodologies can be used in training and education or other professional applications.

  3. Panel discussions (60 minutes)
    A panel presentation consists of three or more panelists with facilitation offering multiple perspectives and insights on a common theme. Presenters are invited to submit a topic for panel discussion and make suggestions on other panelists. Sessions are assessed based on: quality of content, relevance to the field, diversity of speakers. The presentation should be structured to allow time for questions.

  4. Research/academic/doctoral presentation (30 minutes)
    Academic presentations cover the aims, methodology and status of a research project or paper. Theoretical contributions are welcome too. Submission format is an extended abstract between 800-1,200 words. All the accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings (ISBN) and a modified version of best papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of the European Journal of Cross Cultural Management. For more information click here

  5. Artistic Expression/Performance (30, 60 or 90 minutes)
    This format invites presentations other than lecture, panels or workshops. Here primary emphasis is on music, visual arts, theatre or physical movement to deliver their message. Please specify the duration expected (30’, 60’ or 90’) for your artistic performance when describing it in the template for submissions (in the textbox: Abstract).

  6. Pre-congress workshop (half day or 1 day) Pre-congress workshops are full- or half-day seminars offered prior to the formal commencement of the congress (SIETAR Europa Conference officially starts on May 21st 2015, pre-Congress workshops will take place 18-20 May 2015). These workshops are not included in the SIETAR Europa Conference fees. Participants register and pay for these workshops separately and in addition to the main conference. If you would like to propose a pre-Congress workshop session please click here for more information.

    *Gamification: We will be happy to receive proposals that apply game-design thinking and mechanics to make participation more interactive, engaging and enjoyable. This could also involve participants in pre-congress experiences, discussion and exchanges via SIETAR social media, etc.


Important note: The instructions below apply to proposals for all presentations formats described except for the research/doctoral/academic presentations and for the Film Festival. For these two cases please refer to the specific instructions in the corresponding links.


Submit your proposal by completing the following template (download here ) and sending it the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


E-mail subject

The email subject must include the preferred presentation format in capital letters plus the last name_first name of the presenter (I.e.: STANDARD Smith_Joe; i.e.: WORKSHOP DeLaet_Claudia).


In case of more than one presenter, please use the name of the one who will be leading the contact with the Congress organisers, and send the proposal from his/her email address.


If you submit more than one proposal please send each proposal in a different email, specifying ONE, TWO, THREE... in the subject in case those proposals refer to a same presentation format. (i.e. STANDARD ONE Smith_Joe; STANDARD TWO Smith_Joe).


File name

When you have filled in the template, please rename it with the same words you have used for the email subject (i.e.: PANEL_Bernard_Claude.doc; PRECONGRESSWORKSHOP_ Smith_Joe.doc).


Acknowledgment of receipt

All proposal submissions will receive acknowledgment of receipt within one week.


The deadline to receive submissions is:    10 November 2014 (the deadline has been reached. No more proposals will be accepted at this stage)


Notice of acceptance will be given by 17 December 2014.


Conference Presentation Proposals will be evaluated by a group of SIETAR members and academics who are volunteering their efforts to organize the conference. The quality of their work in reading, comparing and selecting proposals will be affected by the availability of time. Therefore we strongly encourage and would be grateful to receive your proposal as soon as possible before the deadline. That will help the team to make this important and highly demanding task in a more efficient and less stressful way.



The official SIETAR Europa Congress language is English. Submissions of proposals must be in English but presentations may be made in a different language, depending on the need and availability of resources.

If you wish to present in a language other than English, please specify in the email with your proposal submission the language you wish to present in and how would you ensure participants will follow the presentation.


¡Nos vemos en Mayo 2015 en Valencia!

SIETAR Europa Valencia 2015 Programme Committee

If you have any other queries, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying ”QUERY” and your name in the email subject. The Congress Committee will get back to you as soon as possible.

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