SIETAR Europa Film & Media Festival 2015            

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SIETAR Film Festival in Valencia “Sharing Stories, Theories and Next Practices” is a documentary film festival dealing with cultural diversity. Rooted in intercultural approach, the festival screens documentaries on various (sub-)cultures in a format combining screenings, discussions and possible panel discussions on different themes. All filmmakers will be present or will be interviewed by skype connection and much attention is paid to the discussions between them and the audience.

The Film and Media Festival will be hosted by the Filmoteca Valenciana in Plaça de l'Ajuntament 17, 46002 Valencia. Click here for a map to see where it is.


Wednesday, May 20th

Matteo Salvadore

11:00 - 11:35
Matteo. A professor among the dunes - Documentary
by Giuseppe Carrieri, Italy/Kuwait, 2014 9' 30''

Short Q&A afterwards

Synopsis: The Italian Director Giuseppe Carrieri and the cameraman Giancarlo Migliore visited Kuwait went to Kuwait for few days, to interview Dr. Matteo Salvadore and to shoot scenes of life in Kuwait in a variety of locations. The documentary features many of Kuwait’s landmarks and showcases GUST’s state of the art facilities. Along with Matteo Salvadore, the documentary also features interviews with Dr. Ali Ansari... click here to read more



11:45 - 13:30
by Simone Catharina Gaul, Bukina Faso/Germany, 2015, 64'

Q&A afterwards with the director

Synopsis: Bintou is from Burkina Faso and loves to lead a modern lifestyle. She dreams of becoming a famous dressmaker. Suddenly her life is turned upside-down when she has to take responsibility for her own daughter again who has been living in a children’s home so far. A film about dreams, responsibilities and the search for one’s place in life.... click here to read more




11:45 - 13:30
by Vesa Toijonen & Ari Lehikoinen, Finland, 2014, 50’

Q&A afterwards with the Director

Synopsis: The war in Syria has become just numbers: 130 000 dead and seven million refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. Syrian war never became a media war, it was too dangerous. Only a few reporters and photographers have dared venture to Aleppo, the heart of darkness. Niklas Meltio is one of them. His photographs show the true face of the war: raw, grotesque, full of tears..... click here to read more


by Sergio García Locatelli, 2013, 4'

Introduction by the director

Synopsis: 546 km away from home...A poetic reflection by a migrant in Madrid The director reflects…… “I keep looking into myself if Madrid is my city. I came here more than 7 years ago from a place 9546 km away. With the daylight I feel foreigner no matter nobody can tell unless I speak”  I keep looking into myself if Madrid is my city..... click here to read more


Thursday, May 21st



11:00 - 12:30
An Engineer's Odyssey. The life and work of Geert Hofstede
Introduction, interview and discussions by Iekje Smit & Marcel Siegmund, The Netherlands, 2014, 60min

Synopsis: An Engineer’s Odyssey, is a personal portrait of Geert Hofstede. In it he tells us about his personal and professional life and reflects on the relationship between the two. At 85, he shares with us the experience of a lifetime. He is internationally acclaimed for creating a paradigm that has defined the way we think about the influence of culture on society.... click here to read more

Followed by:

Geert Hofstede Iekje Smit

12:30 - 13:30
10 minutes with...Geert Hofstede
by Iekje Smit, The Netherlands, 6x10 mins short films

Synopsis: Few models have received so much attention from so many disciplines around the world as the Hofstede model. Attention, both positive and negative. In these 10 minute presentations made specifically for educational purposes, Geert Hofstede introduces his dimensions himself. ... click here to read more


A Challenging Arrival Coping Strategies

15:00 - 17:00
‘Tales from a Multicultural Classroom. Engaging students in an integrated research and development project
by Steve Crawford, Ronan Browne, and Diane Ruppert, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland

Synopsis: The presenters will screen short videos produced by university students at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland, where the teachers integrate the research process into an intercultural communication course forming a significant part of the pedagogical approach. The resulting videos can be used as tools in courses such as intercultural communication, conflict management, cross-cultural management, ESL, and group dynamics. The students are guided... click here to read more


Friday, May 22nd


11:00 - 13:30
The Shelter (L’ABRI)
by Fernand Melgar, Switzerland, 2014, color, DCP, 101'
Spoken languages: French, Spanish, English, Wolof, Romanian

Q&A discussion afterwards

Synopsis: A winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter for homeless people in Lausanne. At the entrance to this hidden bunker there unfolds every night the same dramatic ritual, leading to occasionally violent confrontations. The watchmen have the difficult task of “sorting the poor”: women and children first, men later if there is room. Even if the shelter can hold 100 people ... click here to read more


A land of transit

11:00 - 11:35
Terra di Transito / A Land of Transit
by Paolo Martino, Italy/Sweden 2014, 52 min

Extended Q&A with the director and main character

Synopsis: After a dangerous journey from Iraq, 27 years old Rahell arrives in Italy. From there he planned to reach Sweden, the country where his family obtained political asylum years before and lives happily. But Rahell finds out very soon that, according to the European asylum regulations, his destiny will always be bound to the country where his finger prints were first taken. Like thousands of asylum seekers in Southern Europe, Rahell finds himself stuck in a... click here to read more


If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marianne van Eldik Thieme
Coordinator SIETAR Film and Media Festival
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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