Webinar abstract

It has become fashionable in contemporary western culture to disregard the religious worldview as a credible component of modern, sophisticated discourse. For some people a religious worldview is not only archaic, backward and simplistic, it is also dangerous. It is therefore ironic that religious rhetoric should feature significantly in attempts to find the language to express popular mood. In fact, the question might well be asked whether religion, religious assumptions and religious rhetoric do not play a greater role in the economy and in economic success than we are prepared to admit. The webinar exposes some of the pretensions of modern western culture and challenges the listener to come to terms with their religious discomforts.



Dr Livingstone Thompson (MPhil, PhD) has studied Muslim-Christian dialogue and Christian theologies of religious pluralism. Currently residing in Ireland and serving as the president of SIETAR Europa, he is working as a supervisor of postgraduate research in theology at AllHallowsCollege, Dublin City University, Ireland and as an intercultural consultant with Living Cultural Solutions, a consultancy specializing in intercultural training and research. His publications include “A Protestant Theology of Religious Pluralism” (2009), “A Formula for Conversation: Christians and Muslims in Dialogue” (2007), and in collaboration with Alan Bruce “Directory of Migrant-Led Churches and Chaplaincies in the Republic of Ireland” (2008).