“Intercultural Coaching: a self-developmental tool to help expatriates enhance intercultural intelligence”


Webinar abstract

The goal of this session is to bring some insights and practical information to the intercultural community of how coaching is the perfect combination to intercultural trainings for expats. At times, intercultural training sessions are quite overwhelming, making it necessary for the participants to break the content into smaller parts to “digest” little by little. The presenters will share the frameworks used with their clients that help them build bridges across different cultures by designing new behaviors. Coaching provides a journey of increasing self-knowledge as the first step to being open to know and understand the other.




Jimena Andino Dorato

Roberta Raffaelli and Jimena Andino-Dorato are both intercultural coaches and trainers, expats and multilingual. They have been working together for the past 3 years. Roberta is Brazilian, has a BS in Psychology and is working towards her Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication. Jimena is Argentinean-Canadian and owns a Master’s Degree in Law.


https://br.linkedin.com/in/roberta-raffaelli-b421777  and