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PROJECTS & work groups emerging from the congress

Please follow the link to the project page. The email for the person or persons convoking the group is at the end of each listing along with the liason person from the SIETAR Europa Board Member who is the person who will relay reports, ideas, etc. to the Board for action.

1. Setting up a regional SIETAR group
Edna Gatza and Matthieu Kollig
Board Liaison: Francien Wieringa

2. Facilitating the integration of new colleagues from EU accession countries into the PES group secretariat of the EP and European integration: Cultural aspects in the process. How to make culture more prominent. Elke Esders
Board Liaison: Ida Castiglione

3. E-Learning across cultures will start by collecting experiences in intercultural Email communication. Based on the findings we will develop an Email training module (How do I communicate effectively using email in an intercultural context) that is designed as a blended learning arrangement (combination of f2f and online learning).
Anja Krueger
Board Liaison: George Simons

4. SIETAR Congress and SIETAR formation in Turkey
Nihal Nicky Muradoglu and Konu Turan
Board Liaison: George Simons

5. Dare to Share
Jan Bloudek
Board Liaison: Francien Wieringa

6. Central and Eastern European Network of InterCulturalists (CEENIC) is a group of professionals and students who attended the SIETAR 2003 Congress in Budapest and who feel the need to form a network of those interested in intercultural issues pertinent to Central and Eastern Europe. Ljiljana Deru Simic, Sarah Peck and Anne Marie Kenny
Board Liaison:
Klára Falk Bano

7. SIETAR Congress Berlin 2004
Annette Hammerschmidt, Sabine Wagner and Ilona Christl
Board Liaison: Jürgen Henze

8. Language Teaching Methodology: "Language as culture." This Group will meet virtually to: 1. develop the concept of "learning languages as culture" as a new Foreign Language Teaching paradigm; 2. create materials and write papers collaboratively; 3. share experiences.
Patrick Boylan
Board Liaison:
Patrick Boylan

9. Applied Anthropology
Rick Furno
Board Liaison: TBA

10. How to promote research in SIETAR
Irja Pietila
Board Liaison: Jürgen Henze

11. Creating new SIETAR financial resources to help increase membership diversity
Muna Alyusuf
Board Liaison: Maria Jicheva