So you can't come to the congress…?

Even if you think you can't attend the SIETAR 2005 Congress, there is another way to participate and take advantage of all the possibilities to learn from the wealth of knowledge and experience present.

My idea is to form a partnership with another SIETAR member who can go to the congress, but might need a subsidy to pay the congress fees, perhaps a student or a member who doesn't have access to hard currency…

Nancy Caldwell, SIETAR France

It will be very interesting to form a tandem with someone who shares some of my interests (i.e. conflict resolution, negotiation, creativity, the use of metaphors…), but of course brings his or her own perspective to these topics. Before the congress we will choose the papers and workshops "we" will attend and later, we can carry out a post congress debrief. And, I also plan to ask my partner to make use of my USB key to easily forward presentation notes…

If you are interested in doing the same, please email me and we can exchange ideas on how to make the most of this unusual way to enjoy and make the most of the congress.

Nancy Caldwell

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More ways to participate...

  • Send your brochure, article, video or file to display or share in the "show and tell" space.

  • Present in absentia -- collaborate in the preparation of a paper or workshop that a colleague will present.

  • Sponsor a colleague or a congress event or advertise in the program or on the congress website. Find a client who will become a sponsor, exhibitor or advertiser.

  • Contact a congress committee chairperson and join in the congress preparation.