Dear Congress Participants,

A warm welcome to this year's SIETAR congress, jointly organised by SIETAR Europa and SIETAR FRance. Welcome to La Colle sur Loup! We hope over the next days to make this quiet and beautiful corner of France the vibrant crossroads of intercultural ideas, insights and inspiration. Together we can create the unique warm and stimulating atmosphere that is the trademark of SIETAR congresses.


In our world, torn apart by difference, we have a unique opportunity to discover how a world of difference can be a source of strength, rather than an obstacle to the peaceful future of the planet earth. Let's use this time together to make that message heard!


I would like thank to all organisations and individuals who have supported this congress. We are grateful to all who volunteered to contribute to the organisation and smooth functioning of the congress, spending long and unusual hours, in addition to their regular work.


We are grateful to the sponsors and exhibitors who have provided us with resources and tools to make both this congress and our future work richer and more fruitful.


Most of all, we are grateful to you for your presence, your sharing of expertise, and your commitment to the work of culture. We wish you you a memorable experience here!


Maria Jicheva, President SIETAR Europa


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Maria Jicheva