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Congress 2007 archive

Humanitarian action harvesting



The “Humanitarian issues and the intercultural community” session brought out the breadth and depth of our field of knowledge and the many competencies we have to offer to humanitarian causes. The values of respect of diversity and dignity which bind us together as a community are vital to share with NGO’s as Charaf Moulali expressed how intercultural thinking needs to be at the very core of the ethics of humanitarian work. Many NGO’s are the front line workers dealing with devastating human crisis, often the results of economic and social domination, prejudice, discrimination, racism, and genocide .We thank you for joining us in helping to contribute to make their work more successful and meaningful.

Jonathan Levy
Chair, NGO Committee



Aid programs are implemented in different cultures. The uses and practices of interculturality is that they are always contextual cultural practices. If so, one must consider the problem of contexts.

The humanitarian action always takes place in a complex frame/environment. The situations in which it is engaged cannot give place to models. It is the reason for which it is difficult, in this particular field, to elaborate rules that can be valid universally.

To sum up the presentation I have made in Sofia, I would say that the humanitarian ethic means saving the lives of those most in need and at the same time respecting the dignity of each individual who has fallen victim to armed conflict, famine, disease or natural disasters. This is where I see a major role for SIETAR Movement: helping the Humanitarian organizations to integrate/operationalize the interculturality in their policy as a core value to better understand the perception and needs of the beneficiaries and national communities.

Enfants du Monde – Droits de l’Homme [EMDH] – thanks to SIETAR France section has started the change of its policy.

Charaf Moulali
Délégué Général
General Director
Enfants du Monde - Droits de l'Homme - EMDH
Children of the World – Human Rights


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