Webinar abstract

Some years ago Fondazione Intercultura organized a conference in Siena: Italian Identity between Europe and a Multicultural Society. In this webinar we will present the major themes that were the result of the conference. How do foreigners perceive Italians? What characterizes Italian Identity? And ultimately – do Italians still exist?



Dr Roberto Ruffino is Secretary General of Intercultura, an Italian organisation for international pupil exchanges at secondary school level. It was established in 1955 as a non-profit organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 2007 he also serves as Secretary General of the Intercultura Foundation which promotes research and experimentation in educational exchanges. Until 2011 he was Chairman of the European Federation for Intercultural Learning and of the Italian branch of SIETAR. His main interest has been in the area of the pedagogical content of international pupil exchanges and he has encouraged research in this field, by promoting study sessions with the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the European Commission. In 1993 he was awarded the "Senior Interculturalist Award" at the SIETAR International Congress in Washington. In assigning him an honorary doctor degree in education science, the University of Padua defined him “an entrepreneurial leader in the field of intercultural education, that he has contributed to introduce into Italian schools”.