Intercultural Effectiveness = Connect x Perform x Enjoy

Abstract: The interactive webinar focuses on the model of Intercultural Effectiveness: connecting to people from other cultures, performing in an international work environment, and enjoying their intercultural encounters. We introduce the four competences of the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) and show how they relate to the three criteria of intercultural effectiveness. Participants experience online exercises that include all three elements, being highly involved during the webinar and enhancing their sensitivity to the relationship between the intercultural competences and the final aim: effectiveness.

The webinar will be delivered by Ursula Brinkmann, Juanita Wijnands, and Yvonne van der Pol, members of SIETAR NL, who all work as intercultural trainers, coaches and consultants. Ursula Brinkmann developed the IRC; in April 2014 her book Intercultural Readiness: Four Competences for Working across Cultures was published. As a team we conduct the train-the-trainer workshops on the IRC.