Webinar abstract

This is the story of Bill and Jim, two expats in leadership positions in a major multinational, both with high levels of cultural sensitivity but one with the X-Factor and the other without. As a result of this X-Factor, Jim later had a highly successful career as a senior leader in the company, Bill, on the other hand, was fired. The session will explore these two real stories through cartoons where issues of power, influence, sense-making, perception, virtual corridors (and dead-ends), memory and language lead to these very different endings. I will share a model developed through the field work a colleague at the University of Cambridge, Dr Keith Goodall, on what it takes to manage the two-way disconnect between head office and the local subsidiary. The stories have extreme relevance for anyone coaching and developing managers and talents who are expected to get experience abroad as part of their career development.


 david trickey

David Trickey has been an intercultural trainer and consultant for the last 20 years for his own firm, TCO International (www.tco-international.com). During this time he has designed and delivered intercultural development projects for most of Italy’s major companies. He also works for multinationals worldwide where he has recently delivered seminars and workshops for Johnson & Johnson, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, The European Central Bank, Rolls Royce and Coca-Cola. He has always been interested in how technology can enhance intercultural development and has developed e-learning modules in intercultural management as well as various video packs, web-based psychometric questionnaires and customised blended learning resources.