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Webinar abstract

Working and living internationally – as an expatriate, expatriate partner or family member, business traveller or in other forms with international responsibility and cross-cultural exposure is a very common construction of the todays work and life.
As more as it seems to be common for all “travellers”, as more it seems that some of us struggle: with typical work and life issues, like time management, relationships … and the fact of being confronted with other cultures forces us to have a closer look at ourselves, our own culture and questions like: What is the sense of (my) life and my chosen role? Where is my home? What is home actually? What does it mean to me? How do I recognize it? Do I need a home-feeling at all?
The answer is “Yes”. We need a feeling of belonging, even if this belonging is only a minimum of certainty and identity in the moment of travelling around the world.
In this webinar I want to share and exchange with you international career coaching experiences, insights and helpful methods around the thought: “Home is where …”





Steffi Bärmann
Steffi Bärmann is Think Coach & Solution Strategist for International Career Success, Transition and Change. She trains coaches at the University of Applied Science Vienna (WKO) and supports individuals and teams worldwide, getting the best out of themselves. Her working languages are German and English.

On an individual level she is glad to work with and inspire expatriates and their partners to live a successful life abroad, while on an organizational level she is very pleased to develop international working executives, team managers and virtual teams.

AND NOW she is looking forward to thinking with You!