The X-Y integration: why and how for the success of the company strategies and results


Webinar abstract

What are the characteristics of generation X and of generation Y? Why do companies need to consider XY generation integration? What problems can companies face if they do not properly manage the XY generation integration process, and what opportunities can they miss in case generations XY integration is not reached? In this short webinar will try to answer these challenging questions. Whether you are a coach, trainer, teacher or researcher this webinar will help you to understand the generational diversity phenomenon within the organizations.
And there is more. We will share a business case developed with a manufacturing company in the second part of the webinar. Participants can learn how it is possible to facilitate the integration and the effective management of generations X and Y within modern companies.




Maura Di Mauro is an intercultural trainer, coach and consultant, and author of several publications and articles on intercultural training and competence assessment. She collaborates with different kinds of organisations of the public, private, and no profit sectors, such as with some consultancies. She is specialized in the analysis of training needs, designing and conducting training programs on intercultural communication and management, diversity management and inclusion, competence assessment and development.


SIETAR Europa would like to thank Matthew Hill and the Intercultural Training Channel for making this webinar possible:


Matthew Hill