“Culturally responsive training: Why and how?”


Webinar abstract

Find out the basics of culturally responsive training (CRT) and why it is appropriate even in intercultural training sessions using Wlodkowski’s framework of; establishing inclusion, developing attitude, enhancing meaning & engendering competence. Although there are a number of tools that aid CRT such as Cooperative Learning and observation checklists, this is more about solid and effective working relationships than about check-box procedures. The overall aim of CRT is to ensure that we are making the best use of all the resources in the training room by making people feel included and more likely to contribute. Much of the material published about CRT relates to the school sector so how much translates to the adult education sector?
The webinar is intended for trainers and anyone involved with the training of adults wishing to find out how to make their sessions more culturally responsive.




Anne Fox is an educational consultant specializing in using digital tools to promote learning across borders and using evidence-based pedagogical approaches to promote inclusion in the training room. She is co-host and producer of the podcast Absolutely Intercultural that started in 2006 and has been internationally recognized in the Edublog Awards and the European Podcast Award.