“Geopolitics China: Quietly moving its pawns on the international chessboard”


Webinar abstract

China’s footprint in our world is growing. In all areas, without necessarily hitting the headlines, is China taking steps towards becoming a global power. The current economic slowdown puts China at the doorstep of a new economic model, revealing internal threats, but the rise towards turning into a regional and global power can not be stopped. What consequences will this trend have on the face of the world? How will this impact our work as cross-cultural specialists?



Sylvie Tournier

Sylvie Tournier - 席乐薇 is the owner and a senior consultant at Crossroads Communication, her company specializing in cross-cultural training, coaching, consulting for international companies. She has 25 years of experience dealing with the Chinese culture and business mindset. She lived from 2005 to 2008 in Shandong province and in Shanghai where she managed multicultural teams. Beyond French, her mother tongue, English, and German, she is a passionate mandarin speaker. She has worked in her career with over 40 nationalities. Sylvie earned an MBA from University of Connecticut, USA.