““Le nouveau Français” identity evolution of the French representation in marketing and communication”


Webinar abstract

For the last 5 years, the French government has strengthened the “Made in France” flag and created a label that brands can use to reinforce the idea of French quality and savoir-faire. By doing so, they have helped crafting a certain representation of France and the French people, exploiting and reinforcing many stereotypes, not all of them being positive.
However, in the wave of this “Made in France” initiative, some brands have decided to go a mile further and to create a new identity for the “French”, a sort of “Nouvelle Vague” of marketing and communication strategies aimed at developing a new identity that I would call “le nouveau Français”.
What does he/she look like, how attractive and relevant is he/she to the French and the non-French? How can he/she help sustain a brand development? Through case studies and examples, the webinar will address two ideas about Ethnic Marketing, stressed in my book, published in France in 2011:
- Cultural identity is a great way to win customer’s preference and expand your business;
- Great communication stressed on ethnic aspects can be done without being either political or religious.




After 15 years in marketing for FMCG global brands in SE Asia and Europe, in 2006 she has reinforced her business experience with a “human” twist.
She adopts a holistic approach to coaching, consulting and training about diversity:
- She coached and trained many managers, and more particularly women. Some are today in important positions of responsibility.
- She has designed and conducted training sessions and lectures on management of differences, ethnic marketing, innovation and cross-cultural issues.
- She advises cultural institutions on their funding strategies.
She is author of two books published in France:
- Halal, casher, Beauté noire…Le Marché de l’Ethnique, un modèle d’intégration ? 2011 Ed. MICHALON
- Français, je vous ai tant aimés. 2012 Ed. MICHALON
She has a Masters degree in Philosophy, a Bachelor degree in Training for Adults. She studied Economy, Finance and Marketing at Sciences-Po Paris and is a NLP Practionner. She has lived in France, and as an expat, in Vietnam, Cambodia, Jerusalem and Cameroun. From January 2016 she relocated as Director of Viavoice Diversity – Paris.