“Stop beating a dead horse - digesting paradigm shifts in intercultural thought & practice”


Webinar abstract

This webinar will identify and discuss shifts in our understanding of cultural phenomena and dynamics and explore the demands these changes place on us as interculturalists
1. The limits of dimensional thinking and current metaphors of culture.
2. Culture as a flowing narrative and the stories that make it up.
3. The problem of cultural identity and its consequences. Who/what are we.
4. Holistic humanity – insights from neuroscience, cognitive psychology.
5. The micro to macro (neural to galactic) shift from dyadic logic to reality as network.
6. How artificial intelligence and virtual worlds get under your skin.
7. How will we develop fresh tools to explore and connect identities?



G Simons

Dr. George F. Simons: Creator of diversophy® games for developing cultural competence, author of EuroDiversity, co-author of The Bucket Book, Putting Diversity to Work, and of 8 Cultural Detective® guides, he is now developing tools for identifying and applying contemporary paradigm shifts in organizations, cultural groups and individuals. Articles, reviews and publications by George Simons are available at www.georgesimons.com