SIETAR Europa has been organising regular congresses since 1991. They are both a platform for the exchange of experiences and know-how as well as a unique networking opportunity.


Most recent congress:

Dublin, Ireland
May 22nd to 27th 2017 (including pre-congress workshops)
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Past congresses:

Refreshing the Cultural Paradigm: Sharing Stories, Theories and Next Practices
(a.k.a. Grandioso & bonito was our motto)
Valencia, Spain
May 21st to 23rd 2015
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Global Reach, Local Touch
(a.k.a. Old city & in new, high-tech Europe)
Tallinn, Estonia
September 18th to 22nd 2013
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Interculturalism Ahead: Transition to a Virtual World?
(a.k.a. Rinek, Wawel & Kazimierz)
Krakow, Poland
September 21st to 25th 2011

Global SIETAR Congress
(a.k.a. Global, local & total)
Granada, Spain
October 22nd to 26th 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria
(a.k.a. Sofia, Bulgaria, Maria)
April 25th to 29th 2007
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Sofia Papers (PDF format, 647 kb) - a special issue representing a selection of contributions to the SIETAR  Europa Sofia Congress 2007.  It features nine articles related to research issues in the intercultural field, edited by Juliana Roth. One author is a practicing trainer, all others are academic teachers

La Colle-sur-Loup, France
(a.k.a. One cosy community)
September 21st to 25th 2005
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Berlin, Germany
(a.k.a. Where West met East & Mitte)
April 1st to 4th 2004

Budapest, Hungary
(a.k.a. Open space for once)
May 21st to 24th 2003
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Vienna, Austria
(a.k.a. Red Vienna & Blue Danube )
April 10th to 13th 2002

Stavanger, Norway
(a.k.a. National parade & state oil)
May 16th to 19th 2001

Brussels, Belgium
(a.k.a. Millennial, capital & renewal)
March 15th to 18th 2000

Trieste, Italy
(a.k.a. la bella multiculti figura)
February 24th to 27th 1999

Bath, United Kingdom
(a.k.a. Anglo-Euro cultural bath)
April 1st to 4th 1998

Poitiers, France
(a.k.a. Present scope in Futuroscope)
March 27th to April 2nd 1997

Munich, Germany
(a.k.a. Global mindsets & Siemens)
June 28th to July 2nd 1996

Prague, Czech Republic
(a.k.a. The open air museum)
March 10th 1995

Jyvaskyla, Finland
(a.k.a. Warm & cosy inside, cold outside)
March 11th to 13th 1994

Bad Nauheim, Germany
(a.k.a. Not bad at all, sort of Heimweh)
March 1993

Colle Val d'Elsa, Italy
(a.k.a. Small & beautiful (I suppose!))
March 1992

Haarlem, The Netherlands
(a.k.a. Founding fathers & mothers)
March 1991



Pictures of SIETAR Congresses

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