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2014 Annual Conference of SIETAR Bulgaria

The 2014 Annual conference of SIETAR Bulgaria, took place on June 11, 2014 at the Conference Hall of Sofia University ‘St.Kliment Ohridski’ (Sofia, Bulgaria).

The theme of the conference Dimensions of the Intercultural communication (European accents)’ has attracted not only the regular members of the organizations, but also other participants, working on intercultural issues and initiatives.

The official opening speech of the conference was delivered by the Rector of the hosting university – prof. Ivan Ilchev, Ph.Habil., who expressed his satisfaction and support for the choice of the conference theme. The participants were also greeted by Dr Livingstone Thompson - President of SIETAR Europa. In his video-address he pointed out the high expectations of the SIETAR Europa regarding the outcomes of the conference.

In the plenary session, the European focus of the conference was underlined by the keynote speaker – Mr. Ognian.Zlatev, Head of the Official Representation of the EU Commission in Bulgaria.  

The other reports and discussions of the conference were organized in 3 main sections:

  • Intercultural Communication in the United Europe - problems and  solutions;
  • Educational paradigms and practices – intercultural aspects;
  • Interculturalism - linguistic aspects.

The most interesting presentations will be published in one of the next issues of the Bulgarian e-magazine ‘Rhetoric and communications’.



Livingstones video

SIETAR Europa –  General Assembly Meeting

June 16, 2014 at 19:00 CET

Only for members


1. Welcome and Verification of Quorum

2. Acceptance of last minutes and appointment of minute Committee

3. President's report about the work of the Board of Directors in 2013 and introduction of the new Directors.

4. Report from the Treasurer:accounts of 2013. Presentation of auditors’ report, Approval of accounts 2013

5. Election of auditors for the accounts 2014

6. Presentation of Budget for 2014

7. Report onwhat comes next

8. Approval Budget 2014

9. Any other business

10. Closure

You can download a copy of the President's report by clicking here.

To download the minutes of the AGM, please click here.

SIETAR Europa – General Assembly Meeting, June 16, 2014 at 19:00 CET. For more information, click here


The UN World Day for Cultural Diversity and Dialogue, May 21, is a reminder to us that developing education and intercultural skills to sustain the diversity and strengthen harmony of societies is a challenge that still lies before us. For this reason SIETAR Europa, as part of its commitment to intercultural values, has made renewing paradigms of culture and diversity a thematic focus for the coming twelve months. The next SIETAR Europa congress, which will be held in Valencia, Spain on May 20-24, 2015 under that theme, will therefore be a way to observe the 2015 World Day of Cultural Diversity and Dialogue. SIETAR Europa invites you to join us in Refreshing the Cultural Paradigm.

Livingstone Thompson, President of SIETAR Europa.

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SE President's message for 2014 UN World Day for Cultural Diversity and Dialogue. Click here to read it


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President’s New Year’s Message, Winds of Change. Click here to download it



logo SE

January 2014
President’s New Year’s Message

Winds of Change

Dear SIETAR Colleagues,

As we approach a New Year I would like to share with you what is happening in SIETAR Europa and to invite you to play your part in raising our organisation to a new level of excellence in the intercultural field.

In Europe, as elsewhere, winds of change are blowing and we must unfurl our sails to take advantage of them. This may mean leaving sheltering practices and structures that we have relied on until now, which may no longer serve us well as we sail into the uncharted waters of a global tide of change.

As a step toward more efficient and smarter ways of working, SIETAR Europa will engage an Executive Officer in January 2014. This step is designed to ensure that we:

  • Strengthen SIETAR Europa’s public image and develop a professional brand that people across Europe will recognize and be keen to associate with.
  • Create and commit to a vision and implement strategic plans that will grow the organization and establish it internationally as the leader in intercultural education, training and research.
  • Increase membership involvment and grow local and national SIETAR organisations that are at the heart of the vitality and sustainability of the entire SIETAR movement.

Taking advantage of the winds of change also means strengthening our capacity to work virtually. We will launch a SIETAR Europa virtual meeting platform in January to support the activities of the working committees and the Board of Directors. These working committees have targets to meet and results to deliver in the areas of communication and social media, publication and research, grants and projects, membership events, finance and development, as well as planning our next congress in 2015.

Desire for greater global collaboration is gathering momentum in conversations between SIETARs in Europe, USA, Japan, Brazil, British Columbia Argentina, Australia, Arabia and Young SIETAR. This surging tide of global networking will lift all the national and local boats in the SIETAR fleet!

SIETAR Europa’s immediate critical challenge is to clearly define itself and its vision towards 2020. The first in a series of strategic meetings to explore our future directions will be held in February, facilitated by our Finance and Development Committee. Follow-up steps will be taken at the Board meeting in Madrid, March 6-9.

We eagerly view the New Year as an occasion for change, for fresh vision and for new accomplishments. To make the most of these opportunities, we need creative, innovative and energetic minds and willing hands. We need your input. We need you. Please make it your resolve for 2014 to communicate your ideas and needs, to volunteer your available time and energy to your local SIETAR organization, to the work of SIETAR Europa and its Committees. (Committees are listed at ). We encourage you to participate actively in the discussions in our various SIETAR online networks.

Join us for an exciting and productive year!


Livingstone Thompson, PhD
President, SIETAR Europa



Dear SIETAR members,

If you are searching for EU grants to finance a project or event, please find here after two links that could be interesting to you:

(1) The EEA Grants & Norway Grants are offering interesting possibilities to the local SIETAR organizations:

(2) The following EC call for expression of interest is aimed at individual experts (the objective is to create a database of experts who could be invited in the future to evaluate specific projects).

‘Grants and Projects Committee’


Some transcripts from the Film and Media Festival in Tallinn
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