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NEWS: The congress is past but still active!

Today, we live in a polarized world - misunderstandings between groups of people, nations and worldviews dominate the news, and create concerns about our future as human beings. The intercultural profession has developed a body of knowledge and practice which is pertinent to understanding and impacting these dynamics of global interdependence.

Therefore, SIETAR Europa in collaboration with SIETAR France invites you into dialogue and a process of conversation, which is open to interculturalists and everyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of today's world, be it from a business, political, social or psychological perspective.


The Congress provides an opportunity for building connection, sharing knowledge and creating innovations in thinking and practice, as we live in turbulent times, characterized by religious and identity militancy, economic shifts, heated debates between the G8 countries and developing nations about agriculture, medicine and wealth distribution, and the uncertainty of many Europeans about the shape of their future in the global community. The 2005 Congress will offer a rich variety of keynote speakers, workshops, research reports, and practical tools and exhibitions that address these concerns. See the full schedule.


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