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6th SIETAR Europa Film & Media Festival

The SIETAR Europa Film & Media Festival, first held in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria, continues to screen selected documentaries as part of its major congresses. The festival now also features workshops on video editing, webinars and master classes. Each film screened is followed by an interactive program that may consist of Q&As with film makers, discussions with the audience, panel discussions, and/or debates with experts, politicians, journalists or representatives from stakeholder organizations where intercultural themes are clearly embedded.  
The 6th SIETAR Film & Media Festival, to be held in Dublin/Ireland as part of the SIETAR Europa Congress 2017, welcomes filmmakers whose work puts them at the interface of cultures. Dublin offers a meeting place for interculturalists, filmmakers and other professional artists and artisans from different cultural backgrounds. The Film Festival looks for films which enrich the four tracks as mentioned  below.  During the congress we will screen 1 or 2 films per track.

Click or hover over each track to read the full description or go to the Congress Tracks page by clicking here.

  • Track 1: Business & Organizational Challenges: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO WORK TOGETHER?

    In this harbor we would like to focus on the best practices of WORKING ACROSS BORDERS, stimulating FLOW, encouraging and coaching present and future leaders and raising awareness and motivation in multicultural organizations and teams.

    The following questions can be additionally considered:
    • What should be done in order to tackle conflicts between corporate and local values?
    • What coping mechanisms should be used to address multiple adjustments?
    • How can we recognize and deal with challenges and risks during international projects?
    • What are the opportunities and challenges of working with people who have hybrid identities?
    • How can multicultural as well as virtual teamwork be enhanced?


    In this harbor we concentrate on finding BALANCE BETWEEN ANCHORING AND SAILING TO EMBRACE CHANGES, and on responding to the question, “How do media (TV, internet, radio, fine arts), legal systems and laws as well as education systems shape the picture of “the other“? How do cultures impact the perception of health and treatments? Additionally, we would like to show and discuss streaming practices in the media world and concentrate on the best practices from the arts, law, health and education sectors. One critical focus is on the consequences of the migrant and refugee crises.

    Some possible topic suggestions:
    • How are cultural differences addressed when reporting on people in the media?
    • What are the best practices for showing the balanced picture of migrants and refugees in media?
    • What is the role of cultural mediators in the construction of social values and behaviors?
    • What challenges do health services face in serving a diverse population?
    • What is the role of teachers and interpreters in shaping culturally sensitive education?
    • What are the best intercultural practices in the fields of conflict resolution and mediation?
    • How do migrant and refugee movements influence social change?


    In this harbor we would like to focus on the latest developments in the intercultural professions and to address the DEPTH OF SIETAR’s VISION and its future as an established partner in offering expertise on cross-cultural issues.

    Here are some topic suggestions:
    • What are the latest trends in consulting in the intercultural profession?
    • How can we use linguistics and storytelling in the process of enhancing intercultural competence?
    • What are the most recent developments in coaching in the intercultural profession?
    • How can intercultural expertise, skills and competences be deepened?
    • What are the cultural challenges of incorporating new media in virtual education processes?


    In this harbor we would like to share best practices and research findings that guide us in NAVIGATING with individual and organizational HYBRID IDENTITIES and deepen our understanding of the consequences of human mobility.

    Here are some topic suggestions:
    • How do we acquire, achieve, sustain and move between hybrid identities? Examples of these identities are TCKs and their families, expats, immigrants and refugees living in multicultural environments.
    • What are the links between hybrid identities and social change?
    • How can the issues of health and well-being in hybrid identity be addressed?
    • How does human mobility change perceptions of cultural identity?
    • What sort of challenges do people with a hybrid identity face in their social and professional life?
    In this harbor we would like to introduce, discuss and deepen the understanding of WAVES OF INFLUENCE.


At the 2017 Congress in Dublin, we will offer congress attendees:

  • Valuable, often prize-winning documentaries
  • Q & A with the directors and/or producers of the films screened
  • Panel discussions and/or a master class
  • Workshops on creating and using films/film fragments in training sessions
  • Opportunity to market selected films through the SIETAR Europa online presence.

Film submission is open to filmmakers and producers from any part of the world. We encourage documentary makers to send recently produced documentaries.


Entry regulations 2017

To apply, please provide us with the following details and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The Festival is open to short and medium length films and video productions (preferably max. 60 min.) with an acceptable physical support.
  • The entry must be in English or have English subtitles.
  • A link to a downloadable version of the full film for selection purposes . If available send us also a short version (up to 60 minutes). The files will stay in the possession of the festival for internal/educational use only.
  • The Film & Media Festival organization is also grateful if you wish to provide a DVD version of the film to the address specified below. The DVD will remain in the possession of the festival for internal / educational use only.
  • Two photos of the production to be included on the website and for promotional purposes (300 dpi). Photos will stay in the possession of the festival.
  • Press releases, if available.
  • In addition to the film, applicants must send the following items by email: Verification of availability to travel to Dublin for screenings of his/her production.
  • The filmmaker ideally should be available for discussion (Q&A) with the audience after the screening, otherwise via Skype


The Film & Media Festival organization assumes that directors or producers who apply have the right to screen the film submitted, exempting the Festival of any legal liability

SIETAR Europa is a non-profit organization and holds no commercial interest in the use of films screened in the congress. Therefore, if your film is selected, we ask you to offer the screening free of charge. Furthermore, we welcome sponsors  to support the budget of this congress

When you submit your proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the email subject must include the word FILM plus the last name_first name of the main author(I.e.: FILM Smith_Joe). If there are more than one author/director/producer etc., please use the name of the one who will be leading the contact with the Congress organizers, and send the proposal from his/her email address.
If you submit more than one proposal send each proposal in a different email, specifying ONE, TWO, THREE... in the title and the word doc file (i.e. FILM ONE Smith_Joe; FILM TWO Smith_Joe).

If your film is selected, we ask the copyright holder to authorize SIETAR Europa to use a 4-minute clip of the production for any future promotional purposes through public media like Internet. The clip would be included on the SIETAR Europa Dublin Congress website.


Submission Form

Click here to download the submission form:  download button

Once completed, please send your submission form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Deadlines: Film Festival

Entries are welcome until January January 9th 2017
All the material, including the DVD screener, must arrive in the festival office by then.
Submitting filmmakers will be notified of our final selections by January 31st 2017


Looking very much forward to seeing you in Dublin!



A Glimpse into Previous Film and Media Festivals


Our first film festival in 2006 was a huge success. The theme of the Sofia Film Festival was ‘Love across Cultures’. We screened: Divorce Iranian Style (Kim Longinotto), The Internet Bride (Simon Chambers), Fatal Reaction, Singapore, Mumbai, Moskow and New York (Marijke Jongbloed), Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgystan (Petr Lom) and Georgy and the Butterflies (Andrej Paonov).



At the Global Congress in Granada (2008) we screened: All White in Barking (Marc Isaac), A Way Out of the War on Terror (Chai Locher), Jerusalem Is Proud To Present (Nitzan Giladi), Mimoune (Gonzalo Balister), Satellite Queens: Behind the Scenes of a Prime Time Arab Talk Show(Brechtje van der Haak), The Headmaster and the Headscarves (Elizabeth Jones).



At Krakow in 2011 we screened: Pizza to Auschwitz (Moshe Zimerman), Sarabah (Maria Luisa Gambale and Gloria Bremer), Talhotblond (Barbara Schroeder),When China Met Africa (Marc Francis and Nick Francis), The Design of Fear (Zygmunt Bauman).



At Tallinn in 2013 we screened: Special Flight (Fernand Melgar), Sisters in Law (Kim Longinotto), My Thai Bride (David Tucker). We also organized a webinar on using documentary film interactively in intercultural communication training by John Twitchin and we offered a Master class on Storytelling by Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster, as well as a pre-congress day-long workshop on video editing basics.  



At Valencia in 2015 we screened: Matteo, A professor among the dunes by Giuseppe Carrieri, Bintou by Simone Catharina Gaul, Syria,Faces of War by Vesa Toijonen & Ari Lehikoinen, My World by Sergio Garcia Locatelli, An Engineer's Odyssey. The life and work of Geert Hofstede by Iekje Smit & Marcel Siegmund, Tales from a Multicultural Classroom by Steve Crawford, The Shelter by Fernand Melgar, Terra di Transito by Paolo Martino



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